Just in case you don’t know who’s pictured by now.Steph, Babs, Cass, Kate, Virginia 

Just in case you don’t know who’s pictured by now.

Steph, BabsCass, Kate, Virginia 

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    I just have to say, It’s really bad form to reblog someone’s cosplay pictures that they posted to tell them how much...
  6. bmvagabondd said: i’m confused at how it looks like an anime version. because to me it doesn’t like at all. but ok everyone their own opinion on casual cosplays.
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    this wasn’t meant to be taken as a serious cosplay, they’re just super last minute casual costumes we threw on for...
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    Ok with all due respect for the girls and they’re GREAT kickass idea, the cosplays SUCK like A LOT They all look like...
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    OH OH! That’s the Columbus Convention Center!! =D
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